Big Up Day Tomorrow 3-4-08

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hammer bottom, may jack up futures overnight
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  2. Gord


    I agree. The NYSE TICK hammered today's low, which is a solid support level on the NYSE Composite Index, with seven -1000 blows in the second last hour of trading today. Then it just gave up and rose back to its open level.
  3. Looks like the party is getting started. They are going to sneak this sucker up overnight.
  4. Gord


    The shorts on yesterday's thread that predicted a big down day today aren't gonna like this...:p
  5. The doomsday threads combine with these 100% up room to go threads and essentially cancel each other out with a dull fizz. Sort of like matter and anti-matter.

    After the boom, all we're left with is members like day7793 and stock_trad3r.
  6. You might get an up opening but by noon dow breaks todays lows. I've seen this nonsense way too many times. Refuses to washout because everyone was expecting it today.
  7. Gord


    I scalp so it doesn't matter to me - I just like playing along...:cool:
  8. Where have you been???

    Baron let ET become a "septic-tank" a long time ago when he refused to make it a subscription site . . . Nowadays, the "Trading Forum" is simply a pathetic playground for "wannabees" and college kids that have nothing better to do.

    It's most unfortunate.
    But not to be totally unexpected by any means.
  9. harkm


    I would have to agree with this. Not that there is anything wrong with college kids but they can post their raw raw stuff on Yahoo. Most of the successful traders here won't offer anything of value because it won't be taken seriously. Why bother? The software reviews have been useful however.
  10. Gord


    Would you two trolls please leave this thread. I would like to hear from others as to their opinions on the opening post and my own post, but it seems likely your whining has turned others away. Go start your own crying thread if you must.
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