Big trouble brewing, them 30 year treasuries and not selling that well.

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  1. Watch and see the disaster unfold, no one in thier right mind is gonna want to go long a 30 year treasure right now and demand is getting weak.

    Once our temporary semi stagdeflation ends, watch the super hyperstagflation strike.

    20 dollar gallon of gasoline,etc..

    DOW 50K homes selling for 15 million dollars etc.. This is what they want, asset inflation well its gonna come.
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    No, asset prices will FALL, along with GDP. What will shoot up are the prices of raw materials.

    Why? Not because of demand, but because during the boom years, no one can be bothered to invest in production and exploration. It's too dull.

    That's classic deflation.
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    demand is still strong. wait till zb topped around late 140s
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    Doosday! My forecast shows SP 500 bottom around 450-550 before spring 2011
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  6. Nope, hyperinflation raises the price of all assets. Look at what happened to the Zimbabwe market, And in Germany with the Mark.

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  7. If this is what unfolding disaster and weak demand looks like, I'd love to be the US Treasury (that's the chart of the current 30y UST yield for 2010)...
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  8. Don't worry, the fed will buy all the treasuries, so they dont need real buyers (for now).