Big stock market sell-off this week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by logikos, Mar 11, 2007.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. See enclosed snapshot of my Dow cycle. Large magnitude long cycle suggests a large move, possibly as big or bigger than the sell-off a few weeks ago.

    If this comes to pass, I would be interested in how the financial news programs explain it away. They kept panic at bay after the first sell-off, but it will be a harder sell this time around.

    Careful on the long side!!
  2. yes I was thinking that it will do a 50% retracement UP , as per your chart
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    Judging by the size and height of that projected wave it looks to me like New highs BEFORE that yellow wave down.

  4. ha ha ha that is some of the stupidest **** posted here in awhile
  5. ===========

    Thanks ,I am usually careful on longs;
    & short side

    I like a hi probability uptrend also ;
    just havent seen many , month of march.The few i have seen/traded are smaller positions:cool:

    And I am /was looking at a topping area in NasdaQQQQ;
    but then it made a higher high /higher low/higher close/AGAIN,
    then severe polar bear trend , in March@$120 area ,downTrend to $21/20 area ,
    uptrended to 45.45 area. Not a prediction:cool:
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    I have traded long enough to not to expect the market to do anything predictable, but my TA and cycle analysis does suggest a better than even chance of the following downside targets:

    NASDAQ - 2220 area, which is old resistance from last July and subsequent support in December.

    DOW - 11,600 area, which was resistance point back in May, 2006

    My 60 minute cycles are usually very reliable, and are very unique and the result of 2 years of intense work, but I don't feel my input is very appreciated in this forum by the other posters. However, I do find that those that slam other traders ideas usually are a dry well when it comes to their own (and normally black box traders).

    Happy trading!

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  8. I love 100% up room to go $$
  9. Complete garbage. The index is driven mainly by fundementals, not technicals. There is little evidence that Fibonacci resistance/ratios can forcast markets. All you have to do is buy the dips and you will make money. It has worked for the past five years and the 80's and 90's.
  10. Yep and then lose it all and a lot more in one year or even a month when the market doesnt come back...
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