Big SPs go side-by side?

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  1. When are the big SP futures going to go side-by-side electronic with the pit? This is ridiculous that there is still a pit.

    I need to trade the bigs, minies are about to become too small for me.
  2. You're SOL. The emini trades about 10x the daily dollar volume of the pit... It's a wonder the pit contract is still alive..
  3. The CME should give us an Globex S&P contract with a $500 multiplier. That way the S&P pit remains and Globex traders get a big S&P contract.

    $500 was the original multipler for the S&P futures at the start in 1982.
  4. I want a $5000 multiplier.
  5. My buddies would trade in that $500 multiplier SP. Full position for them at the time was 4000 lots. That's 40,000 ES contracts. But back then the SPs barely moved.
  6. "barely moved" ??? Have you no sense of market history?

    In the 3 months from early August 1982 to early November 1982 the S&P was up more than 40%.
  7. don't even talk to me about market history, pal.

    I've been pounding the table about the coming great depression for the last 4 years. I faced ridicule from all of my peers. I lost so many friends in the financial industry.

    Now myself and my family are thriving and many of the people that mocked my analysis are in every sense of the word Bankrupt.

    I flew my wife to NYC this weekend and took her on a shopping spree, complete with tickets to multiple sporting events....many people can not afford that right now.
  8. and the purpose of bragging is?

  9. and the purpose of bragging is?

    BTW, all the markets ES, YM, NQ, TF, DAX, FESX all track together. Just enter everything based on one signal in the ES? that is my plan when I run out of room in ES

  10. because I was confronted on my knowledge of market history...and most people that I know are broke now because they didn't listen to me and they chose to listen to the collective stupidity of the investment banks that they used to work for.

    Also the fund that I represent is probably in the 0.001% of funds that have made consistent money over the last 3.5 years.

    We were just on with Erin and she said that we have probably the number 1 rated mutual fund newsletter in the country right now.

    All I wanted to know was when the friggin SPs are going to go electronic.

    My program is in the SP, not the DAX and not the CAC 40 or Russell. The ES is going to be too small for me soon.

    So if I want to brag right can call it bragging...I call it MARKET DOMINATION!
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