Big short squeeze in OVTI

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    Anyone watching it. There is almost 40% short interest in the stock
  2. .........another REG SHO stock. Even the company doesn't know how many are short. You're looking at the "legal" list. Could be the float times any multiple.

    Have fun.
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    so how powerful is the short interest ? In the past all break out attempt were fakes. Maybe this time it for real
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    Looks like a nice saucer bottom since 5/4 but would have to take out 15.50 to break out.
  5. looks pretty, but i agree. Shorts aren't scared as every breakout attempt has failed.
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    WoW...massive stock squeeze going on in the stock....Stock halted
  7. OH MAN is that explosion going to be funny to watch. They reported $.06 earnings over consensus of a $.01 loss...haha. Shorts are going to get destroyed. Wow, will be great to watch when they let it go. :D
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    Hope U are on the right side of the trade...It can explode on the upside if things go out of control. I am just watching it (no position) and trying to learn.
  9. You'll notice a high correlation between Greenberg's subject matter and the REG SHO list. Now that OSTK will get discover vs. Gradient, Herb's ass is in the wind. He got a subpoena from the SF office of the SEC over this before his employers got him off, but now, it'll show up like a sore thumb. When you see stuff like this, the naked shorters are in deep doo doo. Have at it. But expect a fight. They are under pressure all over the board, and really can't afford this right now;

    May 31, 2007
    Updated: OmniVision Earnings Release Leaked Early
    Updated to include company comment and a few other things and correct a statement regarding first quarter guidance.

    Never mind that nobody's quite sure where OmniVision's (ovti) forecast of a 30% to 38% increase in fiscal first quarter revenues will come from. Or, better yet, what it'll do for an encore the following quarter. A bigger question, right now, is what analysts were doing getting the fourth-quarter earnings release at 3:36 p.m. ET -- or 19 minutes before the release hit the wires at 3:55 p.m., which contrary to tradition, was before the market closed. Whoever got the release early didn't waste time checking looking at the good news in the headline and bidding up the stock to $15.26 to $16.22 before it was halted at 3:50 p.m.

    The company blames the early release on a "sever programming error," which it says caused the release to be "posted to the company's website prior to the release crossing the wire. As soon as we became aware of this, we took the appropriate action including accelerating the release and contacting the NASDAQ. We are taking immediate action to ensure that this won't happen again." As I noted previously, however, the earnings report was also sent to analysts prematurely -- not just posted on a website. I've asked the spokesman about that; haven't heard back yet.

    P.S. and for what it's worth: Had OmniVision's fourth quarter revenue of $119 million been more in line with original street expectations of $130 million, which was sliced in March after the company issued disappointing guidance -- the projected increase next quarter would be more like 19%, not 30% to 38%.
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