Big SELLOFF Coming

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mr Savage, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Monday in




  2. cramer said its going to 350 then 600. is cramer ever wrong? lol
  3. landboy


    price target and a catalyst please?
  4. issue of 4bil in new stock isn't catalyst enough?
  5. Not based upon the re-tracement from the gap down and the action today.

    Monday indeed .....
  6. pdonlevy


    This news has been out since Thursday morning. Why would sellers wait until monday?

    Next week will probably be choppy, but I don't expect a big move.
    Time will tell.
  7. Mvic


    Yeah like last time the float doubled, Goog added 40% to its stock price. If anything this will gove Goog the ammunition that it needs to put in to play some very interesting aquisitions/strategies. These guys are not fools, they wouldn't ask for the cash unless they had plans for it. Cash + some of the most creative minds in the business = major stock prioce appreciation. This is not the catalyst for Goog's stock price demise, exactly the opposite.
  8. Selling Thursday or Today===== Short Term Capital Gains Tax

    Selling MONDAY ==== Long Term Capital Gains Tax
  9. I see the acquisition strategy as an admission by the company that they can no longer grow organically at present rates. All future growth above and beyond the current rate will need to be acquired, not generated internally.
  10. Good point, which makes GOOG's timing of announcing the secondary all that more savvy.

    Announce it this coming Monday, or later, and they hand investors a reason to sell for long term capital gains treatment; piling onto the selling the announcement naturally attracts. Announce it Thursday, as they did, and investors holding out for LT cap gains treatment are left with their hands tied, cursing the company.
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