Big selling

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Another big day of sellling as the gains from the fed meeting are erased

    Still holding on to the stocks though

    Good to get this negative econ news out of the way

    5 negative stories and indicators in just 3 days

    Yea I lost money today..

    nasdaq could drop another 10 poitns today

    but they will only take it down so far though ...

    the rebound will come

  2. Thanks.
  3. semiopen


    A guy on Bloomberg the other day said that the market had given an "all clear signal" last week. Meaning it was time to buy.

    I envied this person's understanding.
  4. blast19


    And you insulted the automated market indicator the other're even more rhetorical and less intelligent somehow.
  5. Blast, you have been posting a lot recently because the selling has restored your confidence. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  6. blast19


    And you make up another random thought that has no basis in reality.
  7. While the permabears base their analysis on what? Certaintly not reality or anything approaching objective evidence.

    I love how the permashorts went on and on about low volume during the last rally, but say nothing about these laughable selloffs with absolutely pathetic volume. I guess they still think that short they took on the S&P 500 at 1380 is going to pay off??

  8. blast19

    blast19're a great example. What do you know about me? My basis is that the housing market is shit and worse than the talking heads say. Who said I'm a perma-bear? Your buddy alone.

    I think the perma-anythings are silly. There are stocks that move against markets no matter what. Look at some RE stocks in the last year...opposite way of the market.

    Buzz off time look into what you're talking about instead of just following your foolish friend's lead.
  9. semiopen


    Personally, I find bears are generally less irritating than bulls.

    Like the old saying though, the key is making money.
  10. VIX up 15% today. IF you dont get that message,you are stupid.
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