Big Rally

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  1. Market will realize next week that there will be no nuclear meltdown. UN will resolve Libya uncertainty. Everything is green. Only thing that can kill the rally is if Apple can't sell enough jesus tablets.
  2. The UN heard you (from the news):

    The U.N. Security Council, by a vote of 10-0 with 5 abstentions, authorizes a no-fly zone and "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya. Military strikes are expected within hours. April crude pops another $1 to $102.77/barrel.
  3. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad.
  4. yeah, yeah

    they already resolved afganistan, iraq, north korea etc.

    look - the world has entered permanent crisis mode.
    US government doesn't understand what they do and why they do that

    rally means nothing - free market is killed. economy is finished, dollar may collapse any day

    BOJ just printed half of trillion dollars this week. S&P can easily go up 20%-30% in the next 3 months
    maybe even 100%.

    but what's the point - will you become rich if stocks double?
    why so much excitement?
  5. I agree with your assessment. I have sold short puts the last 2 days on the SPY and IWM indexes.

    I think you will see a collapse in the VIX and markets settle back down to the norm.
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    Prepared to be shocked tomorrow when we give up these gains and do a 360 up in this bitch. You have been warned!

  7. I agree. i did the same. i am long this market

    long fdx/pot/ clf
    short mhs

  8. You are late already....G7 agrees to pump up Yen weakness, flushing down the Dollar Index , Gold / Commodities make huge gains

    UN announces in the early hours of the morning , there WILL be a NO FLY ZONE. Caddy-boy goes into tail spin and announces immediate cease fire on citizens, DOW Futures spikes up.

    I will off load my long positions on you guys when NY opens...HAHA. :p

    Courtesy AL-JAZEERA Live
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    Slow day, but worked out perfectly. Order flow got more bearish in ES! The current distribution stands at 1286s to 1274s. You could see that the shorts were defending the 1274s at the close on Friday. 1274 is now the upper tail of the distribution and the lower tail in this current distribution goes down to 1257s. We'll see how things go down next week.
  10. (WSJ) The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 742.22 points, or 6.4% to 12319.73 during its best first quarter in 12 years, rebounding 6% from lows hit in mid-March.
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