Big rally into the close today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Common since would say profit taking into the close, markets are not very logical, and I have no idea what could happen. I do know we have been moving sideways for the last 3 hours in a 30 point range consolidating.

    I am of the opinion that money managers want to dress things up with Q2 coming to a close.
  2. nope
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    If the market's any good at all then today's lows are the kind of levels that better hold. Guy's are obviously trying to buy futures but the component stocks don't seem to be cooperating......

  4. I have always wondered, what drives what, do the futures drive the cash index. Or vise versa.
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    I have always been under the impression that futures are the driving force behind cash indexes, people talk about watching TICK and god knows what else trying to determine what's happening with cash to establish where the futures will head, IMO, though looking at cash indicators is not a useless thing to do, if one was to put futures and cash charts side by side futures would be front running and that kinda answers your question.
  6. Wow, that explains it! no wonder the marketdelta is in positive territory. I thought u are a bond trader, how did you see people are loading up on the futures?
  7. Its a toss up today, common since would say a small rally off the lows after 2:00pm cst. We have been consolidating in a 20 point range for over 2 hours something will happen for sure. Just dont know which way.
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    I officially vote this thread to the "top 10 worst threads on ET"

  9. That would be expected from a cheep miser. Loosen up relax, wheres your since of humor. Go with the flow, take it easy, chill out.