Big Profits On Goog

Discussion in 'Options' started by RunTrade, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. unless I am missing some calculation, a box spread on goog right now would give a very nice profit...

    buy 400C @ $3.70
    buy 410C @ $14.40
    write 410C @ $3.60
    write 400P @ $6.60

    Totals only $790 premium paid with a return of $1000... at the end of the week!

    feel free to flame me if I made a calculation mistake

  2. my mistake...pulled a wrong figure

    i'm still only learning/papertrading.:p
  3. You'll never find a box off by a big figure, let alone 2-3 handles. If you use IB you can quote the inter-exchange arbs. The most expolitable situations for retail are usually dividend arbitrage.