Big profits in commodities around the corner

Discussion in 'Trading' started by clips_trading, May 23, 2010.

  1. Let us keep an eye on commodities nowadays; too much unjustifiable beating... I believe a rise of at least 5% until mid-June is almost inevitable for crude oil, palladium, oats and rough rice.

    On the contrary, pork bellies and orange juice will suffer by as much (-5%) during the same time.

    Also S&P will exceed 1140 during some stock markets session prior to June 16.

    Isn't it time we turn more optimistic, not out of wishful thinking, of course, but because of _solid_ technical data that have started to all point to the same direction, like iron filings around a magnet?
  2. yes, but it may be short lived
  3. ? like to trade the illiquid stuff? :confused: :eek: :( :cool:
  4. Well, if these predictions come true, we are talking about some very...liquid gain percentages for Furure traders (approaching 100% or even more!). If, in addition, they are fulfilled in the near future, Future Option traders will pocket even higher returns!
  5. Provided that they are actually able to "make an appointment" without waiting too long to trade those options. :( :mad: :D
  6. Daal


    IB Papertrade has always 100% guaranteed liquidity
  7. Even in the Brazilian Real, Argentine Peso, Uruguay Peso, Falkland Islands Peso & Antarctica Peso? :confused: :D
  8. :D