Big Pharma - More Drugs That Dont Work

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  1. Schizophrenia Study Slams Pharma


    "Surprisingly, the older, less expensive medication used in the study generally performed as well as the newer medications," the researchers said."

    Zyprexa, Geodon, Risperdal - JNJ PFE Astra. These drugs are prescribed for more than schizophrenia.

    Meanwhile, plaintiff attorneys jam them with their own advertising and states attorneys general demand their money back.

    US pharma is in crisis. It produces drugs that either:

    Dangerous and potentially deadly; and/or

    Don't work; and/or

    Or are simply distinctions from the other guy's drug with no real difference to fight over market share and infuriating to be advertised at - I've heard 3 of these same AK skin/sunspots ads on Bloom in the last hour. There is no restraint whatever in the advertising.

    I have had 2 doctors tell me they are offended by the misleading ads targeted at their patients. So they have to go and read all the bs (on something they would never prescribe anyway) and then take the time to discuss it with the patient - just to talk the guy out of his demand for it. Is that what practising medicine should be? I had a surgeon tell me that aside from a treatment for whatever this vicious antibiotic resistant staph? infection is - he could care what pharma comes up with most of the time. Granted, this is only 3 guys in the day to day trenches of US medical scene. Still, it is troubling and who among us doesn't sense that something is wrong with big pharma's tactics.

    Thoughts? Rebuttal? Move me to CC?

  2. You have some good points;
    acccurate title,
    however big pharma asperin ,little pharma vitamins work well.

    A growing trend perhaps suprising slow;
    is some doctors actually care enough about people,
    to help prevent disease, maintain health more than healing.

    Its a real shocker what a balanced meals can do/ prevent;
    ''refined '' flour is garbage, compare it to whole wheat.

    As exspensive as health care is;
    highly recommended study area.