Big Papi at .188. How much longer?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by RobtF, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Big Papi (david ortiz) batting .188 with one windblown homer for the Bosox. How much longer in the lineup?
  2. Good timing with your post, he went 2-3 tonight with a homerun :D

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    Still not hitting his weight.:(
  4. what's the latest rumor, that he's actually like 4 yrs older than he claims? I don't know, personally I think he must have used PED's but there has been no direct link so I have no idea. His fall from grace as a slugger is monumental though.

  5. Obvious steroid/HGH abuser.

    Ortiz was a light hitting leper for years in the "Homerdome" in Minnesota. Then he gets traded to Boston, befriends Manny Ramirez (another PED abuser), and becomes a perennial MVP candidate!!!

    Give me a break.

    Even worse, all the "he's really 3-4 years older than what he says he is" makes the PED case even more obvious. If he's really 4 years older than what he says, that means instead of magically "finding his swing" at age 27, he really "found it" at age 31!!!!

    Ortiz cheated. He should just come clean. Funniest part of this is watching all the whiny Sox fans make excuses for him.
  6. No direct link, but enough circumstantial evidence to get any jury to convict him.

    1) A former longtime Red Sox player said the team hired a physician to teach the players how to properly take steroids.

    2) David Ortiz is from the Dominican Republic. In the DR, steroids are not regulated the way they are in the states. Ortiz has even admitted that he's not sure if he's taken steroids in the DR.

    3) Ortiz power numbers went ballistic immediately after joining the Sox and befrending Manny Ramirez, who is now a known steroid/PED user.

    4) The ridiculous rise in Ortiz's power numbers mimic the meteoric rise of other known steroid users

    Any jury in the world would find him guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt".
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    You make a case. If this ever were proven (not likely I guess) what a scandal!