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  1. Just what the hell is MSFT going to do with all their cash? Can you imagine owning a business that just sits on umpteen billions in cash earning only 1%????

    I think they either need to move into acquisition mode, or increase dividends dramatically.

    I think a big move in MSFT is coming.

    The ATR, which is the average true range (measuring the daily range) of movement from high to low, shows MSFT is stuck in a ridiculously narrow range.

    This means the puts and calls are very cheap.

    It may be worth buying waaay out of the money puts and calls with lots of time, say 06 35 calls and 06 20 puts at the same time.

    If nothing else, be ready to jump on MSFT when it breaks out of the current formation:

  2. Well, it sure as hell ain't goin' up. That being said, it could go nowhere for a long time. Thus, better to short than buy time premium. That is, unless one's sense of timing is better than mine, which isn't too difficult to imagine.

    We're in a bull market until we're not. Negative as I am on ole' softie, I wouldn't short her until Aug-Sept timeframe, when all good shorts have their day.
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    True. If BOs don't occur by two-thirds of the way thru the coil, they tend to drift sideways for an indeterminate amount of time.
  4. trading range 25 - 28 too many are waiting for the BIG BREAK
    I don"t see any incentives to be involved at these levels -
    have been trading the stock for 9 years now
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    Better opportunities elsewhere .......
  6. I hope you're right. I own a ton of April calls and it's been painful watching it continue to go nowhere. And yet, glutton for punsihment that I am, I continue to buy more. It might be best for all involved if the stock were de-listed.
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    The way it's been trading, no options for me anytime soon...
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    There was a report that MS was going to make an announcement in July about doing something with the cash pile.

    PHOENIX (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. will outline a plan to deal with its growing pile of cash on hand, now at nearly $53 billion, before its annual analysts meeting in July, Chief Financial Officer John Connors said on Wednesday.
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    I agree with Caltrader. This stock has no play.
  10. msft will move when oj finds his wife's killers
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