Big move in futures why?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bond tr4der, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Big moves within the last 15 minutes. News?
  2. Which way did it move? :)
  3. YM currently down -104 to 8155

    It was at 8240 then went into a free fall.
  4. Foreign job cuts? :confused:
  5. Market doesn't need news to rally 10% why does it need news to drop 1.2%?
  6. 1.2% is big for after hours and it is a sudden drop.... but maybe you're right. I dunno anymore.
  7. .........Mark Cuban could really be unloading something big in order to raise proceeds for criminal defense attorneys. :cool:
  8. I think they are going to try and take the market lower here. The last couple of times have been met with a lot of buying around this level here though the buying seems very muted next stop in the S&P is around 646.50
  9. Lorenzo


    What news?

    Dax dropped almost 150 points (3%) and the ES has followed

    Overnight traders are European traders

    The ES just follow what the European market are doing, everyday
  10. dont


    Heads up ,news doesn't move markets, just your attempts to explain the move after the fact by the news that came out immediately before the move. Markets just move!
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