Big Money Traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pound, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. rs7


    Excellent...but no, I am talking about a specific mindset. Very specific.
    Luck? Never depend on luck! Nice to have, but not to depend on!
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  2. I wait with bated breath.:eek:
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    I PROMISE it will be worth the wait.
    If you want to know the MECHANICS of how I believe anyone can become a decent trader, look at what I wrote on the first page of "What Kind of Training...." and then the follow-up a page or so later. But my "SECRET" is what will put you over the top! (I sincerely hope)!!!!
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  4. lol i can't wait for this. :)
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  5. This site is the best thing since sliced bread! :)
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  6. Sounds like the opening line of a Waxie infomercial...or Don Lapre?
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  7. Sounds exactly like that David Carradine martial arts movie- Circle of Iron- The big secret is that there is no secret. (Great movie, very strange.)
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  8. i'm not into zen but they have some very cool sayings.

    before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

    after enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.
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    Okay rs7 lets hear it. Do tell your great secret.
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  10. rs7 you could have some great fun with this.

    Like not posting anything and leaving all these guys with baited breath.

    Or writing "okay, the secret is- wait, gotta go to the john."

    Or "okay, I'll tell you guys as soon as I get back from my trip to Africa."

    Or making up some high powered mumbo jumbo like 'not just elliott and fibonacci, but elliott WITHIN fibonacci.' Ooooh....Aaaahhh...

    free lunches, get your piping hot free lunches here!

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