Big Money Traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pound, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. Pound


    Are there any big money traders out there still? Guys trading accounts over 1million dollars?

    Just curious

  2. Guys like that do not mess around with the newbies and one lot-ers on ET. I mean do you see George Soros around here? Not that George Soros, the real one.
  3. Pound


    I know two guys on ET that trade accounts over 500k and are really successful guys. Trading is a boring game and spending time on ET really kills the agony of sitting around in the markets. Lots of market makers read these boards, also. There is some funny guys in this business.

  4. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    you would be surprised of the size of some traders here.
    granted few hundred million and more, but we'll never know.
    also the more recent in the game are not always the smallest. :)

    From newbie to elite, I think many read the board because you never know when you will read something really great, and always will find new ideas.

    Also, often one idea brings another one. One way to look at things brings new ways to do things. And this board is worth very much just for that. So don't be fooled. Many pros, veterans do read (and sometimes participate) on ET because they know one idea is sometimes worth 1 million times the time spent reading here.



    There are some animals on this site. Many million plus guys.


    I would not care how much money I traded I would still hang out at Elite Trader. This is the best place to get a good laugh in the middle of the trading day.
  7. rs7


    Probably quite a few. "I am not an animal" (elephant man). But I trade a lot of dollars....many millions...just not my own, which makes it a job, not a hobby, not a gamble.
    Stay tuned, I am almost ready to expose the super secret to successful trading ...I will do it in the next few days...that's a promise!!!
  8. outlaw


    Are you for real? If there was a super secret, how come only you know it? And if you "expose" it, will it still work? This sounds like BS to me!!!!
  9. DT-waw


    rs7 - I know what does your super secret consist of.
    1) optimization
    2) hard work
    3) discipline
    4) proper position ( risk ) management
    5) luck

    If you do/have all above, you'll succeed.
  10. rs7


    Decide for yourself if I am "for real". I have written plenty of posts here for you to evaluate.
    I don't BS...I really do try to help other traders. Again, read my previous posts.
    As to the "secret", it is one of those things that you will read, and think to yourself "well I always knew that, I just never really put it together".....Well I am going to put it together for you.
    As to whether it will still work: yes, it will. It always has and always will. I don't mean to be coy or elusive. I just don't have the time or inclination now to do it. Besides, it's always fun to add a little drama!
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