Big mistake, I had CNBC on with Cramer

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    I had sworn off CNBC because I have issues with Mr. Cramer and his hyping, but I had it on today as they had Sec Munchin on and the CEO of Pfizer. Cramer attacked the CEO of Pfizer because he wants the vaccine before anyone else because he's 65 years old. I guess as smart as he is there is no light bulb going off on the idea that any company can't just miraculously produce 3 billion doses. He uses Polio as a comparison, I think he needs to look into how that vaccine came about and how long it too to produce for a much smaller population and then distribute. This is a guy who came on early in the virus going apeshit about people hoarding TP and the like as he comes on TV with bags full of masks which for hospitals and the rest of us were in even shorter supply, but here he was upset about TP hoarders(don't disagree with that), and here he was hoarding an actual critical need item.
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    I have said this a million times;
    STOP looking at that news especially CNBC news !!!!
    It will CONTAMINATE trader's minds!!!

    Most news is slow/inaccurate/biased .... and the target
    audience is not day traders.

    Always look at the news after your trading.
    During trading, just focus on your charts and that should suffice.

    Always remember;
    professional writers and professional traders cannot be together.

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  3. %%
    I like jim Cramer more than cnbc;
    his emails+ written notes.
    ONE exception; FAZ or FAS makes an unusual move, up or down/
    consider checking the news perhaps to see if the FED changed something. [i kept a 4% loss from a monster loss\ i dont trade those much anyway...............................................................................................................]
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    re: TP
    Do you live in a tepee?:D
    Grow up and stop using acronyms.
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    Ok, sorry, seriously? I was simply making it easier and quicker to type. It wasn't some cool shorthand or whatever the hell it is that seems to bother you.
    Also, I always have some kind of news running in the background as I want to catch news that may move the market, or why it moved to get a feel if it is a sustainable move or just a quick spike and really nothing. I was sitting in front of the computer with news running on 9/11 and saw the 1st plane hit and realized this was not a random error as a result. I went flat a trade I had in the premarket as a result. Wish I had gone short, but wanted to find out what was happening for sure.
    Just realized I typed 1st instead of first. I hope that is ok. I also hope you are just kidding.
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    You pass the politeness test. Other posters are known to curse in their responses.
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    Your remark is quite truthful although it does not rise quite to the level of this quote from Kipling.:D
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    I'm guessing I have in other posts when caught on a crappy day and the social media disease of typing before thinking has occurred.
    I love the quote from Kipling. I had a bit of an argument with a neighbor the other day about groups of people and I tried to remind him we are all human beings first, and all the other stuff comes after that idea. No surprise it was in regard to politics, which we normally are on the same side, but not this time. Maybe that quote would have done better than my attempt to calm him down.
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    i just told my wife this morning we are going to stop watching news completely and live a blissful life cause i can crate my own inverted reality of opposite truth, don't need a talking head doing it for me. going to spend the time i save to enjoy life.
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    Remember the talking heads are for investors vs traders
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