Big market crash thursday!

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  1. When the 30 year auction aint going to be all ponies and rainbows. Watch for the afternoon dive.
  2. gkishot


    Looking forward to it. Shouldn't market be doing that too?
  3. haha, right....

  4. The Fed aution will not be a surprise and nor will the yeild curves next move.

    Long term bonds are pricing in Inflation, from the Trillions of dollas that is slowly leaking into the system.

    All my clients, "Manufactures in Private Industry" are seeing orders pick up. They believe that by third quarter, industry will stablize and growth will be small but sustainable.

    The only clients struggling are guys tied to the Home Construction. Most of my guys who manufacture plastics and rubbers for Auto are seeing orders from Euro land and have scaled back their Auto Division, and beefed up their Medical and packaging end of their business.