"Big in Japan"

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  1. "Japan`s MOF warns against rapid forex moves

    March 21, 2004 20:08:47 (ET)

    TOKYO, March 22 (Reuters) - A senior Japanese Finance Ministry official warned on Monday against rapid moves in the foreign exchange market, hinting at the possibility of intervention by the Japanese authorities.

    "We are closely monitoring the market," Zembei Mizoguchi, vice finance minister for international affairs, told reporters.

    "Rapid moves are undesirable and... we will act as needed.""

    I've been hearing a lot of chatter from various economists and the like that Japan has bottomed, and that it's time to be bullish in Japan. I'm interested in investing in Japan. I'd like to buy shares of a mutual fund or otherwise. Have any good ideas?
  2. Aaron


    Check out the Japanese iShares. Symbol:EWJ

  3. Name your top three bullish economies to invest in. Also, thanks for the reference.
  4. Take a look at Spain's index SMSI on a five or ten year chart, and then explain that odd shape in the middle.
  5. Austalia's ASX200 index is just under it's all time high and the pe average is about a third less than the US S&P500.

    Worth a look.

  6. So it's nearly a sure thing that it will at least set a new record. Thanks RB, I'm going hunting for some Aussie index bets.

    Changed my mind. There isn't really a 3/1 ratio. The upside is too small in comparison to the inherent risk.
  7. ryjpx. large cap japan