BIG IDEA: why work when you can have pro traders trade for you on collective2 via...

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  1. BIG IDEA: why work when you can have pro traders trade for you on collective2 via the autotrade feature.

    I've really never spent much time on collective2, i just checked it out today........and there are 5k systems out there.......all you have to do is pick 5 uncorrelated systems and let them trade your account...........but wait, your ego wouldn't like that, right?? the ego craves control, and would never give that up.

    subscribing to these systems aren't free but if you have a big enough account, the fees may end up being a lot smaller than the fees that a mutual or hedge fund would charge.

    i'll be spending a lot more time on that site and less on et - maybe even put up a system.
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    Any good ones you would like to suggest? Maybe we can discuss them here.

    From what I've seen, all the ones that give high returns always blow up.

    The "market mood oscillator" seemed interesting at first until it had that massive drawdown. And then you learn he picks his trades based on the color of the CNBC anchors' clothes....
  3. has anyone tried the autotrade feature?

    any issues to be aware of?
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    Why are you assuming that the people who offer systems via C2 are "pro traders"?

    Spend some time, read what they post and see how the systems pan out over time.

    IMO real traders do not offer systems on C2.
  5. Why would anyone profitable sell their system for pennies? Even if they are dead broken, they can easily cash advance from credit cards. Took out a 30k or so cash advance, most of them charge you $75 fee, and no interest for a year.
  6. someone showing their brokerage account for all to see, the account balance, and all the trades has balls 100 times bigger than your average et dumb faggot
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    Few pointers:

    1. There are no 5 K systems out there, just like there are no 100K active members here. That is the registered systems/members EVER, including repeat offenders.
    The active number of systems is probably close to less than 500...There are plenty of flash in the pan systems.

    2. There are very FEW systems that are actually worth to look at or subscribe to. Also it might trade an instrument that you wouldn't trade. Once you spend more time there, you will realize that.

    3. Generally your idea isn't bad, but when you diversify among let's say 5 systems, your subscription fees and commissions also increases.

    4. There ARE/WERE a few excellent systems there, but they got shot down after a few months performance, because the trader got a better offer from a backer. It is better for them to make a deal with 1 rich backer, then
    deal with a bunch of subscribers...

    But again, good luck and you might find a couple of systems there that you might like. Report back if you find something interesting...

  8. a rich backer as in a hedge fund?

    that would make sense, why deal with 100 subscribers and make a mere 200k a year if very lucky.......if you can trade for a hedge fund for a 200k salary plus bonus
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    It isn't a brokerage account - its a sim account, no real trading money is on the line for the system vendors. For $98 every six months you too can offer a system for sale.

    If it you blow out your first system (, don't worry, you can just keep creating new ones ( and keep trying. Just ask Paysense, aka Gilbert Arevalo.
  10. I am a professional trader and I have posted my system on Collective2 for the past ten months. I did it to establish a non-biased third party record of one of my system's statistical performance with the intention of one day attracting enough seed capital to start a hedge fund. I do not find it a problem or nuisance dealing with subscribers at this point because my orders are automatically sent out to them once executed so it is no more extra work.

    I think Collective2 is an awesome tool for traders/system developers as well as investors. I would encourage more traders to use it, because you cannot improve something until you can monitor it and C2 can assist in doing this. However, it can only benefit the investors if they understand how C2's performance statistics are calculated and how to translate those statistics so that they can recognize a system that fits their investment criteria.

    It was mentioned in this thread that traders can start systems for $98 and if they blow out, just start a new system thereby somehow nullifying the potential of C2 in some way. Not sure why this is a problem, because great traders only get that way by making lots of mistakes. If a trader blows out a system and starts a new system, his/her overall score reflects that. If he/she creates an entirely new account and starts a new system, his/her lack of time on the website will also be reflected in his/her score. Ultimately, this should never be a problem because a wise investor should seek out only those funds with an acceptable amount of longevity and trades.

    I understand that there are currently approximately 600 systems active on C2 spanning stocks, options, currencies, and futures.

    I have no affiliation with C2. I simply use it and find it to be an excellent hammer in my toolbox.

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