Big grain reports on March 28

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    But you wouldn't know it from today's "VIX" for corn, soybeans and wheat (Chicago wheat).

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    I guess that USDA as the supporter of US agriculture export should make the number supportive for the commodities. The stocks are ridiculous low and weather 'd always be a huge challenge anyway.
  3. Is it my imagination or is the possibility of a repeat of last year's drought not built in? Everything I'm seeing shows news re this that is not good. The url I linked to has the temp and precip forecasts for this year & they both show the middle of the country to be forecasted as hot and dry.
  4. Wow, completely missed that. I was looking at the calendar on the USDA website and didnt see this one. Any where else I can see a calendar for Grains announcements?

    Beans and corn down 40+
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    This one from USDA NASS includes the reports that were released today.

    You need to watch these three depts within the USDA:

    NASS - national agric statistics service
    ERS - economic research service
    FAS - foreign agric service

    The USDA may have a master calendar, but I don't know where it is. I use the above departmental sites or a $20 'almanac' from the Hightower Report guys. The 2013 Hightower Commodity Trading Guide contains a lot of other data for all commodity markets; it's well worth $20.
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    Tough day...Wow... Glad it happened at the end of a great month.
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  9. Seems alot of people got tagged on this, including me!!
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    Maybe USDA report has more to do with inflation metrics and food prices related to USDA food stamps program rather than grains itself. I see long shadow of Ben over this report.
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