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    corruption rules in that part of the US.. I saw news footage where only a camera survived.. it was ridiculous. Two mining engineers and a reporter go way down in a mine in West Virgina for a press release about a new find. Engineer goes into a narrow place, the mine shudders a little and the narrow place isn't narrow anymore, it's squeezed shut. So he's crushed to a quarter inch thickness... then the remaining engineer notices that the canary is dead and then there is an explosion... the mine had hundreds of violations and lots of cave-ins of course...
  2. I know that if that happened to a loved one of mine I'd be paying Mr. Blankenship a visit.

  4. Changing my words and attributing it as a quote of mine ; Index Piker? Documented.
  5. Notice how just changing the name makes your rhetoric sound just like what the loser left is attempting to smear all the tea baggers with.

    So please, do be outraged: ya closet teabagger.
  6. Must be a Blankenship advocate. In the dictionary under slimeball.
  7. Are you starting to figure out how this works there, Mr liberal genius?

    {So much hate and hypocrisy}
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    This is a good example of an externality of capitalism. Profits among the industry's highest, safety among its lowest.
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