Big Fight! De la Hoya vs. Pacquiao

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by peilthetraveler, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. I hope its a long fight. I'm pretty sure Pacquiao will win... De la hoya they said had dropped his weight to 145 pounds as of yesterday...thats pretty small for someone 5'10. I think De la hoya is going to have so much less endurance from losing that weight than he thinks and if this goes into round 7 or higher, it will be pacman for sure!

    Although Manny I think will be alot slower from gaining all that weight, his punches will be that much harder when they do hit, plus mannys endurance will probably greatly increase. I really dont see any advantage DLH has in this match except for his height which is not that much more than manny really.
  2. Fantastic fight! It looks like speed and elusiveness can beat size and strength most of the time. Manny really beat the crap out of him. And Oscar pulled a "no mas" in the eighth round. They don't call him chicken de la hoya for nothing!:D
  3. Yeah, right after the fight, it looked like manny wasnt even sweating and de la hoya, looked beaten, not just physically, but mentally. Manny was so fast and powerful and it didnt even look like de la hoya was even trying. Manny stayed so focused in that fight and never got over confident. At least not until the last 10 seconds of the fight when he really let DLH have it, and they DLH said "thats it"