Big fan of Ron Paul, but he needs some support

Discussion in 'Economics' started by LVMises, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. LVMises


    His attack of Ben on CNBC today wasn't very good. His attempt to expose the crooked behavior of the FED should be done in a more logical manner. The FED will be exposed sooner than later and he needs to focus on why owners of the FED regional banks aren't lending but keeping the cash.

    -Monetary inflation which has helped the big banks
    -Asset deflation which hurts small businesses and small banks

    Why should the big banks lend 90% when 65% yields the same if not more profits with a steep curve?

    The curve will flatten, small banks and the consumer will perish, and only the rich will survive.
  2. Dems caused this with the mishandling of fannie mae, freddie mac yet spent most their time so far blaming bush.

    Dems are a joke.
  3. Leave it up to a breeder to pass off 8 years of republican rule like it never happened.

    When Jesus comes back I'm certain he'll take much pleasure in making sure you vile maggots all end up in hell.


  4. "congressman, your conclusions are bizarre...."

    HAHA Bernanke essentially called him a crackpot
  5. LeeD


    "The Federal Reserve Bank of New York gave up much of its power in high-pressure negotiations with the American International Group’s trading partners last year"

    "Just two days before the New York Fed paid A.I.G.’s partners 100 cents on the dollar to tear up their contracts with the insurance giant, one bank volunteered to take a modest haircut — but it never got the chance."
  6. LVMises


    Did u expect Ben to admit in public the FED is a servant (or vice versa) to big banks and the privileged?

    The issue is not the content, but the context in which Ron attacked Ben.