Big Down move today ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by wiesman02, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Lets hope so. Looks like if we can break this 1087 area, we could see some quick selling and some easy money ! I'm short as we speak ! FALL FALL FALL
  2. if it happens right away that would be sweet too ! I could use an early dismissal trading day !
  3. Looks like I may end up being right on this. I think I'm gonna go back to paper trading, open up a website, charge $10k for my services, and spam all over ET. My ego is starting to enlarge, and that is usually the normal path after that happens, right ? lol

    Okay, I'm done here until trading is over
  4. Better watch out when something on you "enlarges"... got Tiger Woods in all KINDS of trouble..
  5. The markets may end down due to Spain and Greece being downgraded but I think tech stocks will do well.

    TI not having enough capacity to meet orders is far from bad news for tech (unless you own TI stock).
  6. consider lowering signup price. a bit high for level of skills
  7. what a fucking idiot
  8. Lucrum


    Almost never fails. Make a public prediction, and it's if the trading gods are laughing their asses off making you look silly.
  9. Moved to chit chat with all the other "spanked" calls.
  10. The guy posted it early. He was right in the morning. I was short this morning too and cashed in on it. Happy with the returns.

    Maybe we can save this thread for everytime the market goes up, and then comment on it to make ourselves feel superior.

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