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    I'm looking to make a list of free market tools based on keyword searches in social media, hashtags, etc. that drive markets, similar to what stock twits has (ranking for messaging increasing for certain symbols). Another question - what are Robintrack altnernatives? is working on developing free market apps, one project is named Short Data and you can get a sneak peek here (this is an alpha release, much work to be done yet) 12/24/2020. We’re working on developing big data apps for the financial markets, with a focus on disruptive markets such as short selling public stocks, OTC markets, Pre IPO, FX, Crypto, and more. To further our research we are compiling lists of publicly available development projects for our use and to see what other development efforts have been done in the space. We’re going to list a few popular ones here. For those who want to participate in this effort, register free for the LLC Portal

    List making is an important part of DevOps & I.T. – especially for the use cases task list, inventory, and identification.