big crashes in 1987 and 9/11

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  1. Does anyone know how many the points of SP futures dropped on 19 Oct 87 and 11 Sep 2001?

    Those people had positions during those time, could their stop losses work properly?
  2. The market never opened on 9/11....the futures traded a bit I think. When it did re-open the cash mkt slid about 150 points in a few days. The amrket was already in a pretty nice downtrend, so shorts made some decent money. Although, I'm sure most people would give it all back to erase the events of that day. I know I would.
    So if somebody was long, and you had stops a few points gapped down at the reopen...well then you're gonna hurt a bit.
  3. 1987 S&P
  4. Anyone have an intraday chart of that day?