Big Cramer Pick Bites The Dust- PWR

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    Dear Jimmy,

    A big booya from NYC my fat armed friend. You purchased Quanta at $29 for your charity fund who cares it's for charity!!! Why don't you pick stocks you care about? Having a charlatan on TV with no skin in the game is fantasy football like- it's all a big joke to you. Then you invite the CEO on your show when the stock is $20 to try and goose it closer to your purcahse price so you won't look quite so stupid... The CEO lied and lied and lied.

    CEO Colson said Quanta has not been affected by the market meltdown, noting its business has been going strong.(get your lawsuits ready!) He said the recent wind tax credit extension passed by Congress will help Quanta, which builds and maintains power lines and switching stations for alternative energy projects.

    Colson said Quanta's fundamentals remain strong, and he's seen no cutbacks or cancellations of any wind power projects. He reminded viewers that utilities build wind farms for their renewable and low-carbon benefits and those benefits are not affected by the daily price of oil.

    He said the company expects to see $150 million in revenue this year from wind and renewable sources and strong growth going forward.

    Cramer said Quanta is much better today than it was when he recommended it in July. He attributed the decline in the stock price to nothing more than relentless hedge fund selling, noting a huge 3.8 million share block that crossed the ticker on Tuesday.

    Then just recently Cramer pumped the name again in a supposed viewer call in... and then yesterday they finally reported earnings.... they stunk, the stk dived 20% to $15!

    What now Jimbo will the CEO you washed the feet of on National TV be thrown upon your bad CEO board? Will you make puppy eyes to the public and bite the head off a power converter? Will you even mention this stock tonight?

    ~ stoney