big cheap money. Where to get?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by john30, May 6, 2006.

  1. john30


    Hi !
    I have a little bit crazy question...
    Is there a possibility to loan 1 000 000 USD for one year with interest rate <= 7% ann.? I have possibility to invest whose money to fixed income financial instrument with higher %, difference between those %% will be ok for me.
    Any idea?

    P.S. I don't have couple of ferrari or $1000000 home to secure this loan :(
  2. nitro


    It's not a crazy question at all!!!!

    But sorry, I only loan in amounts of $100,000,000 USD at a time. Your request is too small.

    Best of luck finding someone that can loan you that small an amount on ET, since everyone here is a self made millionaire many times over from trading the markets, and could come up with that amount of money within a day of the request by using a neural net trading system sold by Ward Systems to win the money from the markets.


    PS - we don't need any security - just a post on ET is enough to know that you are a man of your word and of the highest integrity.
  3. Yes. I'm from Nigeria, son of the recently-deposed foreign minister, and if you give me your bank account number I will transfer the funds into your care.

    Afterwards I will personally come to China to secure the deal on a handshake.
  4. john30


    nitro, I understand your sarcasm
    but I'm trying to find at least some idea how to borrow such money, may be someone know. I'm honest man and if I will do something with such huge money I will sign all nessesary contracs and agreements.
    thanks for understanding
  5. honest doesn't pay the bills

    Interest CDs are now edging up to 6%

    You need to do better then 7% when 6% is guaranteed.
  6. Amnesiac


    Look, if you had $1.000.000, would you rather invest it in a safe place and get 5% or take the risk to give it to someone without any credentials in some other country only to make 2% more? That's just a difference of $20.000, which doesn't really mean that much to you, if you already have 1M to invest.
  7. Jyske Bank (Denmark) has a program where they will lend about 4:1 leverage to do "Currency Sandwich's" ......if this is what you have in mind.
  8. lol...ok nitro...send it!

  9. nitro


    It's in the mail.

  10. Your not Nigerian are you?

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