Big cars & Hummers..

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  1. generally, aren't they safer for the occupants..

    driving is high risk for injury and death

    can anyone fault their ownership and use?

    so, don't hate me for driving a boat..

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    Regarding cars, I have one [two]word for ya': Camaro [Firefird too]. They don't roll over and you can crash the living s^&t out of 'em and get another one for a few K.... I might put a 5 point harness in my next one.... When grandma and all the kids want to go somewhere, put 'em on the bus....
  3. why dont you just buy a 6-ton rv? it'll flatten any hummer.
  4. because that's silly
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    Silly... in chit chat.... on ET?? Never!!
  6. And Hummers aren't? I'm surprised that they're sold without mounted Gatling guns. Perhaps that's only for the deluxe models.
  7. the point is, thundergod, big cars with lots of steel and weight are safer for the occupant in any potential crash

    so, are YOU willing to risk your life for a few miles per gallon economy?

    do you feel lucky? well, do ya, punk? :D
  8. Yeah, but where does it end? With all the Hummers and other oversized vehicles out there, sooner or later someone is going to come out with a street tank for better all-around protection.

    Actually, I think it would be better if everyone only had those Smart 2-seater runabouts. Then I could rule the road with a Civic.
  9. where does it end? who cares? it ends when your mental capacity declines to point you are no longer able to assess a rational risk/reward to your choice/behaviour. this is where it ends. at this point does it matter?

    who can know the future? right NOW and tomorrow this is the BEST bet.. geez no wonder you cant trade hehe :D
  10. Well, then, I suggest that you start travelling with an armed cavalcade. And I can only assume that you have bullet-proof windows for those pesky drive-bys.
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