Big Cap Big Gains Ahead- Covanta. CVA

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  1. Today I sell you on Covanta. How do I know that? Well I spent the whole morning selling myself on it. My aim is too get some explosive big cap going. I had a huge list of " green " companies sent to me. i worked all day yesterday- 7 hours on this. To narrow this list down to one name certainly was not easy.

    Covanta is a Sam Zell company. he owns a huge chunk. I love Sam.

    In the First qtr of this year the company made a big partnership with China to bring their trash burn into energy concept over there. There were talk of BIG contracts some time this year... Well we are heading into the final stretch no contracts yet....

    Covanta (CVA) intrigues me because it is a great idea and outside of solar and is NOT widely followed. those are stocks that can make you rich. It has a $3 billion plus market cap in the waste-to-energy area, and they operate waste-to-energy plants across the United States. They have 31 of the 89 that exist in the United States. What's interesting about Covanta is that they were able to do a couple of billion-dollar recapitalizations of their balance sheet, and now they're focused on growing outside of the US. That's where the majority of growth is. So they have a new partner in China--

    >> These projects do take a long time to get in place, so you don't just build one of these things in a couple of months. It may not be as sexy as solar but the numbers do add up in a better way. As long as
    CVA operate their plants at 90% plus utilization, they keep their margins up. They need to continue to operate the plants and keep maintenance costs down, so that they can continue to produce the kind of cash flow that investors have become accustomed to seeing over the last 18 months. I think they can. And I think England, Italy & China will all come on board.

    Lets turn garbage into energy! Lets clean up the earth! Let's Double our money in 1 year! ~ stoney
  2. Only 31 view Peeps.? Now you know the lads at ET like these big cap picks... and you need to show a little more interest. Let's talk about Irish Possibilities:

    During September, Covanta Holding Corporation (NYSE: CVA) has been pulling the tap in Irish hotspots in both the Old and New World. Earlier in the month, the company announced a new waste-to-energy venture in the white-hot Dublin market. The deal has three core drivers for CVA:

    1) Responsibility for the design and construction of the project, which is estimated to cost approximately 300 million Euros and require 36 months to complete;
    2) Operation and maintenance of the facility for the project, which has a 25-year “tip fee” type contract with the Dublin City Council to provide disposal service for approximately 320,000 metric tons of waste annually; and,
    3) Sales of electricity into the local grid under short-term arrangements.

    Covanta is executing during a bull market for waste-to-energy and payment in Euros is another way to benefit from the falling dollar!!!! This project should also help Covanta to continue garnering more clients in the lucrative European market. Itraly is next I hear!!!!!

    Back on US soil, Covanta gobbled up smaller waste services company EnergyAnswers for $61 million in cash and assumed debt. The acquired assets include energy-from-waste facilities in Springfield and Pittsfield, Mass., a landfill operation, two transfer stations, a waste transportation and small collections business, and a wood and yard waste recycling operation. The new assets add strength to CVA’s portfolio and continue to increase economies of scale in the high cash flow waste services industry.
  3. Ok big cap fans we have labored from $24 to $28 without a scarce thank you or good job that means ytou want more you want $33 as do I how will we get there in two weeks?

    Eighteen U.S. clean-energy companies will join Commerce Department officials for a trade mission to five cities in China and India Jan. 8-18.
    The companies include heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Inc.; electrical components manufacturer Eaton Corp.; and Covanta Holding Corp., an alternative energy provider, the Commerce Department said Friday.

    The mission will explore business opportunities in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, China, as well as Kolkata and Bangalore, India.

    Business and government meetings will allow the companies to "present cutting-edge products and services to these dynamic markets," Assistant Commerce Secretary David Bohigian said.

    .... But wait~! Just Dec 13... Covanta had this announcement that no one but me noticed....
    Covanta Holding takes 40% stake in China venture

    CVA said that it has taken a 40% stake in a joint venture with Guangzhou Development Industry. The joint venture firm will develop energy-from-waste projects in the Guangdong Province of Southeast China.

    .... So it's connect the dots time stonedinvestors... 1 deal in the books already in a very big China province and a trip JAN 8-18... could more deals follow? Could the size of this officially sanctioned trip to China throw an investors glow on this unknown powerhouse in the clean energy field????

  4. Stoney, Nice work again.

    I see that SHAW D E & CO INC currently has about 15mln shares , but they sold about 4 mln within last few months. SETH MYONES, Director of the America's project shows 200K unknown transaction last month ( can be a buy ).