Big California earthquake??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by maxpi, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I found a website that has a big quake prediction for Southern California currently...

    And he has some predictions of smaller quakes in Northern California. Beyond that there was a guy on the George Noory show the other night that was reporting on a predictive method that relies on internet chatter and news analysis via linguistics somehow. He was talking about a truly large quake possibly in the north end of the San Joaquin Valley very soon.. I stocked up on water just in case...

    Does anybody think these things will happen?
  2. The link didn't work for me.

    Internet chatter and linguistics......well that's fantastic, what other evidence do you need?

    Its bound to happen, sooner or later.
    Does that make you feel better?

    Stock up on water, what for? Stock up on water filters, kerosene and a decent trangia,.......there will be plenty dirty water, surely.
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    The link works now... I just read the Drudge front page story, he only has one page really, but it's about how the moon is the closest to earth in many years, that means the moon's gravity pull is the greatest, highest tides, etc... big quakes happen after full moons more often than random would predict.. I remember the night after the 1974 Sylmar quake, there was a full moon and it was red, we guessed it had to do with dust in the air kicked up from the quake, never really tried to sort that out really, we were scrambling... I learned today that pool water can be boiled and put through a Brita filter and it should be pretty drinkable..

  4. Well, the premise sounds logical- a force strong enough to lift the ocean by metres should have some impact on fragile tectonics, hadn't heard the better than random idea before-more specifically, the locations seem squirrelly.

    I read somewhere chlorine has a half life of about 12 hours, presumably with enough evaporative surface area, most chlorine should have gassed off in a day or two-chloramine is a different matter, and i dont know what other chemicals are in pool water.

    Boiling speeds things up to, but without doing my own tests i wouldnt trust some stuff on the net.
    Just bought a water filter myself, sinktop thing, portable, its neat-and seems to work a treat, though without mains pressure, it would likely need a metre or two of head pressure to work properly.

    Never been in a proper quake, was closeish to a cyclone and that was bad enough.
    Nothing worse than realising things could turn to life threatening shit in a matter of hours, (let alone minutes) and realising your completely, and utterly unprepared, not even candles for a blackout.
    Or matches/lighters......

    Know a guy keeps a "disaster pack" permanantly packed, everything necessary for a few weeks absolute basic survival anywhere, in a (surprisingly small) pack. Sounds like a good idea.

    Sure, theres nothing you can put in a small pack that will stop you drowning, being crushed by a toppling building, being swallowed up in a crevasse, incinerated in a bushfire, buried in a mudslide, or shot/stabbed by looters, but theres enough to make it worthwhile.

    You can also find designs for solar stills, easily enough, however-not sure how they work with chlorinated water, surely the gas would recombine in the condensate? Salt water should be fine-and you would be nuts not to boil it afterwards anyway, but i wonder about that.
  5. that would be awsome