Big buyer supporting the DAX into the close yesterday, came back 100 pts lower today.

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  1. Did any notice the large buyer in the DAx yesterday at the 7470 level it seems they are back today around the 7370 same type of trading taking place here. bids get refreshed at the 70 levels, they absorb a ton, the 70 levels breaks then they drive it right back there with with triple didgit market orders.

    In addition to trading this way today and yesterday the same type of trading was observed last friday afternoon into the close just like yesterday afternoon.

    Anyone else notice this.
  2. The # of contracts they are taking down is huge, it supported the market yesterday afternoon in a major way, and this morning over the last hour or so as well. Could this be a euro plunge protection team? The ECB seems concerned about the current the current situation.
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    I remember on 9/11 the 2000 lot order appearing on the DAX order book marked the bottom.
  4. Hi,

    I recognized these plays yesterday too. The US markets went down and FDAX didn't follow - normally it does. The area around the 70ies was hugely defended and today the same game.
    But I'm not sure who this ist but I think some guys try to profit of the actual fear in the markets by showing, lifting and fading big orders in order to do stop fishing...
  5. Most probably it´s me and other colleagues around the globe seeing it as buying opportunity !! :D :D :D
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    The ES is off 28 and the DAX off 26 this morning!
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    Certainly noticed it today the 7370s area did massive volume and just ignored the sell down in the S&P, dow and ftse earlier
  8. Maybe investors find value at these levels in underlying stocks ?? I like Deutsche Bank, Daimler...:p
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    Back again now...
  10. Lets say the buyer has picked up 50K contracts I was hearing that they were around 35K earlier and doesn't include the purchses over the last serveral days. This is a notional value of
    9212500000 euros worth of stock exposure.

    A little over 9 billion euros or close to $12.5 billion dollars.

    Not many buyers have the bullets to this
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