Big Brown Goes Down the Toilet

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  1. A whole new meaning for "big brown." The "greatest racehorse ever".
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    can't begin to tell you the glee I had watching the faces of a mulitple suspended horse trainer and his penny stock broker owner as Big Brown became Big Bust in a matter of minutes..
  3. Big Brown was also Obama's pick....can you imangine had he won, Obama would have been all over that
  4. The fix was in, obviously.
  5. The winner paid very well. As the racehorses hit the top of the stretch, the OTB that I was at was dead quiet in the Big Brown gallery. Meanwhile I and my buddy cheered the winner (Da' Tara) across the line. We had several folks challenge our validity until we walked over to the window to cash those tickets. It was the tail end of our Daily Double (DD) and Pick 3 (P3) tickets too.

    We had one idiot ask us why we didn't tell others about the selection also. I cracked up. We finished the day by winning the next two races, their DD's and P3's. Didn't have the heart to tell them we hit the Pick 4 too! CanyonOlogy Rules! :)

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    It was my best trade of Saturday, $2 exacta box 4-6 for a $659 payout. :cool: :cool: :cool:

    Thank you Big Brown! Without all the dumb money on you this wouldn't have paid nearly as well.
  7. Ding, ding, ding!! You're the player!!
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    Too bad not on $1.00 box tickets to avoid the form but nice hit. But I feel you got robbed as the exacta should have paid in the thousands IMO.

    But it is great to see you Win..
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    You cleaned up..Way to go!!
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