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  1. Here is the cut and paste from the Trader's Monthly "Top 100 traders" of 2004. You can get the whole thing by going to:


    Bob Bright
    City: Las Vegas
    Firm: Bright Trading
    Age: 65

    A senior statesman among prop traders, Bright still lights it up. The NYSE-listed equities market has always been his sandbox (he dislikes Nasdaq market makers), though he dabbles in futures an doptions, mostly equity indices. Lately, he has been employing a pairs-trading strategy. "He's thrilled over the NYSE merging with ArcaEx – it's a big win for prop trading," says his brother, Don. When he's not trading, Bright scours the Strip for a baccarat table from which he hasn't been banned. He also owns Bugsy Siegel's 1933 Packard limousine.
    Estimated income: $15 - $20 million (Note from Don...the actual number is $28 Mil...just for edification).

    The Trader Monthly 100
    The highest earning prop and independent traders in 2004

    By: Rich Blake , Imogen Rose-Smith , Robert LaFranco
    Issue: June/July 2005 , Page 70


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    This may help qualify us for training of new people as well... :)