Big Brother is watching...

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  1. hayman


    Before you get your bowels in an uproar, unless by acknowledging the "government's use" by accepting, and they download software on your system, their access to your computer would not be achieved. They would have to download an ActiveX component (or equivalent) to accomplish this. If you have any reasonable firewall on your system or unless they exploiting a whole in Microsoft technology, there is no chance your system will be accessed. That is pure B.S., and obviously these newscasters don't understand technology at all, and are just commenting based on the website's displayed text.

    I think some idiot in the govt put that message up as a means for scaring you - ya know, don't use this website unless you are serious. It is a stupid message.

    Now, there is certainly some information that they can grab from you. They can obtain your IP address, and of course, all the navigation that you do on this site. Google, has been keeping track of your IP, and your query search strings for years, BTW. That sort of information is definitely public domain, and can be used against you in a court of law, should the need be warranted. That is scary shit !
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    a) The part of the site they are talking about is for dealers anyway
    b) Anytime someone is talking about technology and says "malware systems and tracking cookies," you should probably discredit anything they've said and say in the future.