Big Brother Comes To NYC

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    Using the new system, investigators will be able to access information through live video feeds and could potentially see who left a suspicious package behind just moments later, Kelly said.

    The system will also allow cops to get a reading on radioactive substances, and determine if it is naturally occurring, some kind of weapon or a harmless isotope used in medical treatments.

    “We can track where a car associated with a murder suspect is currently located and where it’s been over the past several days, weeks or months,” Kelly said. “This is a system developed by police officers for police officers.”

    The system will also check license plate numbers to a watch list and alert investigators if a match is detected and quickly pull up crime reports, arrests and warrants on a suspect.

    The system has some civil liberties advocates warning of Big Brother type surveillance.

    “We fully support the police using technology to combat crime and terrorism, but law-abiding New Yorkers should not end up in a police database every time they walk their dog, go to the doctor, or drive around Manhattan,” said New York Civil Liberties Union Associate Legal Director Chris Dunn.
  2. fvck new yorkers they don't need any privacy anyway.
  3. Pspr you think George Zimmerman can follow, stalk, (IMAGINE) crime (with no proof, no data, but only his imagination), and KILL 17 year old for walking to his house. Trayvon have no drugs, no gun, nothing. And you say this is good.
    Then you put this link to (data) collecting from police to find criminals. And you say this wrong?

    Look here on this link. This is really sad y violent gangs. This is real gangs, not Trayvon. And look what they do now with the cameras. Good people that is still living there GRATEFULto police to help. They want help. Is sad because some people can not move away because no money, no education. Sad to live there, and sad for nice people to live there. operation net.pdf
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    Coming to a city near you next.
  5. lol . . . . why?
  6. Because it's a liberal utopia , high taxes, nanny state govt and now that nanny is always spying on you.
  7. :D

    Maybe in a hundred years or so and that would be on the fast track.

    I suspect by that time we will be able to wear on our persons/vehicles personal jamming devices to prevent such snooping.
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    Technology and it's use by government against us is coming much faster than you think. And, you won't be allowed to use jammers just as it is illegal to use jammers against police radar.
  9. If they could make it illegal to think they would do so , will you comply?
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    The liberals are already complying.
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