Big Bro can watch you, But you can't watch him!

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    This is extremely dangerous. If video evidence only goes one-way, there's no accountability for police beyond "their word".

    Police have already been caught "losing" video to hide false charges or wrong-doing.

    This creates a two-tier society where law enforcement and "officials" enjoy favor by courts and a law that protects their actions from ever being reviewed by them. That's a police state.
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    Does it work both ways? Is it a criminal offence for a policeman to film a suspect unless a prior consent is received?
  5. Agreed. As you may have seen or heard there has been some disturbing police brutality in Denver over the last 9 months. I am not talking about teaching gang bangers a lesson either, normal citizens get thumped on.
  6. Every time I think I despise the ACLU I see stories like this and am glad they exist.

    Hell we gave up our rights will the Patriot Act. 4th amendment hardly means squat now. The Eschelon program is definitely real time and we have secret spy squad that is growing out of control
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    Yea, I try to stay abreast of it. Seems police brutality is a growing trend in the past 4-5 years. Cops have taken a real us versus them attitude towards the public. Forget the exact source, but there was some internal FBI or law enforcement memorandum leaked that named Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists and Veterans as potential terrorists. Downright scary.
  8. Yes I have seen it. Jessie Ventura and former IRS special agent, turned tax protester, whom beat the IRS, Joe Bannister is on that hit list.
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    That's all true. Between Echelon/NSA, Google/NSA, warrantless wiretaps, Government backdoors for every major OS/encryption system, there's no electronic 4th Amendment. none. Every phone call, fax, internet session and email is recorded, tracked and databased for "our protection".

    Many people speculate this was done, in part, to arrest political control from Congress and deliver it to the intelligence/military apparatus. The vast surveillance grid has a dual use for unchecked blackmail. If Senators or Congressmen don't vote for War, massive appropriations, or new powers, their tawdry phone calls, racist screeds, or secret love affairs find their way onto the 6 o'clock news. Game over. So they vote how they're told. I think a lot of people underestimate the Machiavellian power an all-seeing Military has in Constitutional Republic where the people supposedly vote their Government.
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    Yea, that's right. Fucking disgusting. Excuse my language. But the writing is on the wall. Things are getting much worse, fast. Project 10 years ahead, and where are we then?
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