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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dgmodel, Oct 14, 2002.

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    What are some good stocks as of late to do some intraday trades on... ( I am Limited To Big Board and 300 Sh. max with a total of $35k bp.)

    Ive been playing BBH for some time now, however this ones really been doing a number on me. im playing BMY, AHC, and DNA, as of late. any suggestions? anyones that seem to be trading well... thanks in advance for any and all your help...
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    BERT:D :D :cool: :mad: :confused: :eek: :)
  3. if you get someone else's favorites,
    you will still have to get to "know" them; so at some point
    you have to stop and examine your trading [technique]
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    well at this point in time i dont have a technique, im relatively new at trading, and havent yet developed any techniques, thats why im looking around to see what others are doing, and take a lil bit from everyone and along with my thoughts and analysis put together something that works for me... im not neccassarily looking for the answers to the exam (so to speak) just looking for what materials to study, and pass.
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    aiight ill look into them... thanks a lot, really appreciate it.
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    By the way how do you big board traders (especially scalpers) route your orders?

    If I do it via Superdot most of the time I could fall asleep waiting for orders to fill but for the larger caps it seems quicker on Island (instant nano second fill).

    Are you boys all using NX or something (I haven't got that yet) as I cannot possibly see how else one could scalp with such slow executions?