big bang theory

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by KastyG, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. KastyG


    does anyone think this is funny or clever?
  2. KastyG


    i hate this "comedy"
  3. The Big Bang Theory without a laughtrack is pretty much a documentary on Autism.
  4. Lucrum


  5. I personally think it's funny most of the time but I can c how one could think it's corny
  6. dcvtss


    I think it's funny and I've taken a lot of grief for liking it.
  7. KastyG


    The writers must be genius themselves when they write for a character that's supposed to be a genius and, ostensibly, smart and clever.

    You got to have a pretty good team to pull it off. Hint: The jokes lie betwen irony and paradox.

    The main character is a lame bastard, but takes more than that to sell it. He doesn't come off like a super smart nerd type just a lame bastard.

    i do not get the comedy, and i should. because i'm pretty smart myself. Thought i'd love this but i hate it can't watch it. i get physically ill.