Big Asian selloff again

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  1. I've always found an interesting test of any market is how it reacts to news.

    Nikkei currently down 2.6%, Hang Seng currently down 3.3% (at their lunch break).

    Russell down 1.2% after hours tonight.
  2. fear in the marketplace can persist until the march 20th meeting. If they don't cut, make sure you have only amounts insured by FDIC in your bank accounts.
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    Do not be so pessimistic. It is a small correction so far.
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    Good point.
  5. Great posts Spectre!

    Are you liquid right now?

    What about going liquid now and buying the market on the 19th before the fed meeting provided the market continues to fall between now and the 19th?

  6. It's a day traders paradise.

    HSI rules :)
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    There are a lot of folks here who haven't traded for very long.
  8. VIX is gonna bust 20 tomorrow. Dow Futures now down triple digits.
  9. Where can you see Dow futures?
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