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    This stock has been on a tear this last five days. Has gone up over 30% since last week.
  2. You know I see that NILE come across the ticker and I just can't believe the price. I consider all these plays on the same level as Bluefly why some work and some don't is a mystery. As far as I can tell this is a fairly clever set up of selling crappy jewelry other jewelers can't get rid off and used to met down. Their auctions are clever in that you can drive margins by offering 2nd chances and similar items, all the tricks EBAY uses. One would think at some point this becomes a worthy buyout for someone. As predictions are for a robust Internet shopping X-Mas vs stores this is probably helping the stock now not to mention that it is being pushed by several shady services... SI
  3. big market for cubic zirconiums i guess