BIDZ raises guidence-after the close

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  1. BIDZ just raised guidence after the close. analysts loves the call and the chart looks good. i bought some JOBS as well and have been holding BIDZ for a few months.
  2. one of the few low liquidity stocks that has survived the scathing. Fundamentals/TA all look good so far.

    Although, it takes a lot of fortitude to buy a low float stock in this volatile environment. If/when market does return, wouldn't doubt seeing a huge pop on this. Good Luck.
  3. Thanks for the tip. describes, Inc. as an online retailer of jewelry.

    Traders are currently selling lots of stocks but not BIDZ.
  4. i love the chart on this thing as well.
  5. subban


    Its supposed to be the next NILE, good fundamentals, good chart and I like their auction with time limits as compared to ebay. Seeing more major brand names coming on their auction lately too.
  6. I was actually short this at one time and got out with a small profit thank God. I get this pumping email from a newsletter who has been on this stock for awhile: He also pumped ANSW from $10-$15 before it fell off a cliff...

    Nontheless, I think BIDZ is a good gamble going into Christmas season through q4. Who know's maybe a little media hype and dump into that build up? I expect it to be a MOMO play tomorrow at leat busting through 52 week high's....

    BIDZ's CEO made it very clear that the company is focused on under promising and over delivering!

    They believe in the importance of exceeding investor expectations and even their own goals!

    BIDZ projects that revenues will grow next year by 25-30% to $225-230 million. These projections are not including many new initiatives designed to increase revenues!

    These initiatives include...

    In the 1Q of 2008, BIDZ will launch a new version of in the Spanish language.

    Right now, about 25% of BIDZ's revenues come from outside the U.S., mostly from English speaking countries like Canada, UK and Australia.

    Next year, BIDZ will launch new versions of the site in many different languages, starting with the most widely used languages.

    BIDZ is getting ready to launch a new site that will allow BIDZ to compete directly with NILE by allowing customers to search for diamonds, make their own rings and design their own jewelry.

    They said that will launch as soon as Christmas sales slow down... most likely between Christmas and New Years.

    Other important notes from the conference call...

    BIDZ is now selling 8,814 items per day. The average item sold is $52 and the average order size is $173. This equals 3.3 items per order... up from 2.8 items per order a year ago.

    BIDZ's web traffic was up 169% in the 3Q, year over year.

    BIDZ is now purchasing their jewelry from over 300 suppliers. Items purchased from their largest supplier, which used to account for 29% of revenues, now only accounts for 12% of revenues. Items purchased from their second largest supplier accounts for only 5% of revenues.

    BIDZ's average customer acquisition cost this quarter was $43, down from $51 a year ago.

    BIDZ's advertising spending as a percentage of revenues was 6%, down from 9.4% a year ago. BIDZ is now allowing their suppliers to chip in and pay for some of the advertising expenses... if they want to do more business with BIDZ.

    BIDZ recently had face to face meetings with 51 institutional investors! There are now 3 analysts covering the stock!

    Institutions right now only own 2.1% of BIDZ. Imagine if that number was to increase to over 50% like NILE and AMZN!

    BIDZ's $3.6 million in net income for the 3Q was 20% higher than NILE's net income of $3 million!

    NILE is trading for $78.48 with a $1.25 billion market cap! I believe it won't be long before BIDZ is worth over a billion dollars!

    BIDZ reported 3Q revenues of $40.1 million compared to previous guidance of $37-$39 million!

    BIDZ's pre-tax income was $5.2 million compared to previous guidance of $3-$3.2 million!

    Net income for the quarter was $3.6 million!

    BIDZ beat NILE's 3Q net income of $3 million!

    NILE is $78.48 with a $1.25 billion market cap! BIDZ is only $14.6 with a $343 million market cap!

    BIDZ raised guidance and is now projecting 4Q revenues of $56-$58 million with pre-tax income of approximately $5.6-$6.0 million!

    For the full year of 2007, BIDZ expects revenues to be $180-$182 million with pre-tax income of approximately $18.0-$18.5 million!

    For the full year of 2008, BIDZ expects revenues to be $225-$230 million with pre-tax income of approximately $23.5-$25.5 million!
  7. yeah,thats what caught my eye. great post pumper. i think this thing is up AT LEAST a buck and a half tomorrow. 16.50.
  8. Think this can be milked out to $17+ easy.
  9. On fire....
  10. first leg of the move went from 10-15....this leg could be from 15- 23......
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