BIDZ (Nasdaq) debuts on the IBD100 list at #2 + article in 11/19 IBD paper

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  1. Looks like the BIDZ stockholders might have a very nice upcoming week. It finally made its first-ever appearance (after the market close on Friday) on the much-followed Investor’s Business Daily top 100 companies list at #2 (BIDU being listed as #1, DRYS as #3 and ISRG as #4).

    And in addition to this, IBD’s Monday’s (November 19) upcoming edition of the newspaper has a whole article/profile on BIDZ on page A6 under the “IBD New America column”. Here is a free-link to it:

    BIDZ has a trading float of about 14 million shares, with 1 million of them sold short. Can we all say “short-squeeze”?

    Also, check out the chart – thinking it could get up to $20-$22 levels very soon.,uu[h,a]dhclyymy[pb10!b30!b50!d20,2][vc60][iub14!la12,26,9!lp14,3,3!lf!lc20]
  2. people sure do like crappy online jewelry
  3. I mentioned BIDZ last week to you guys. its going into the 20's and soon.
  4. looks like crap to me

    this stock wil fall one day

    not a good short now, but later it will be
  5. Later, when it's $25+, sure. So you want to stay out for +$8 on the long side?

    "The stock will fall one day" - Sounds like you are the PRO trader.

    Maybe you want to predict that one day we will all be dead? I am sure eventually you will be right on that one.

    Junk....sure... BIDZ is making money. This ain't OSTK, and they got no excuses, 0 (yes, ZERO) debt and are entering their strongest quarter. And yes, they CHARGE you for shipping and don't offer any free shipping since the demand is big. Unlike AMZN which is being squeezed on the MARGINS every day.
  6. Got some of this a while back.

    Actually thought it was crap too, so didn't load the boat on it or anything close to it.

  7. also upgraded to outpeform with a 28 target today.
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    We're short HUGE on this
  9. why? bidu will probably fall and be removed from #1 on ibd and bidz will replace it. that will be the new momo stock. you are too early on your short.
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