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  1. god bless china. bot more at 80's and 90's. should hit 200.
  2. next stop for BIDU is the stocks forum..
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    so what was up with BIDU?

  4. what a rally today, huh?
  5. cramer got bearish...

    8/30/2005 Lightning Round Recap


    Cramer was bearish on AT&T (T:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take), Time Warner (TWX:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take), (BIDU:Nasdaq ADR - news - research - Cramer's Take), LeapFrog Enterprises (LF:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take), Albemarle (ALB:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take), AvalonBay Communities (AVB:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take) and Alcoa (AA:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take).

  6. DUH ? perhaps cramer was bearish on his Booya silly show ... but that was 2 weeks ago

    -09-09-05 10:52 PM-

    -cramer got bearish...-

    -8/30/2005 Lightning Round Recap-

  7. he will change his mind soon.

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    Just wonder whether the rally in Friday would continue, or whether it was a temporary one. :confused:
  9. wrote it up as takeover by google, short covering, etc. but you have to remember, it is on the SHO list. that means that a minimum, .5% of the float is unsettled. If the stock runs, I'm sure the brokers start calling in naked shorts.

    By the way, they also highlighted REDF and SIRF. Probably IIJI is one to watch Monday too.
  10. Nice run Fri. would love to see a huge multiday/months run-up similar to google .... with a 4 million share float it doesnt take much to ignite this stock.
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