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  1. TM1982


    Anyone loading up the short boat here in BIDU? This stock is way overvalued, this is not justified!
  2. Selling OTM options. Price will not hit 500 by dec.
  3. Nothing in the market needs to be justified, another crazy lot is those Chinese online gaming stocks, 400% in 6 months :D

    P.S. Its different this time
  4. NoDoji


    I'm curious what leads you to believe BIDU is overvalued.

    End of 2007 it traded above 400.
    In 2008 it traded near 400 before the crash.

    2007 EPS were 2.42

    2008 EPS were 4.39

    2009 EPS est to be 6.14

    2010 EPS est to be 9.04

    With this kind of growth, it seems to me that BIDU should comfortably trade in the 600 range.
  5. NoDoji


    Here's my favorite "BIDU's overvalued" chart from 2007.