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  1. This is my first trade in a while.... So im just posting my charts for some positive feedback and constructive criticism as i have a lot to learn..... I got filled on Bidu yesterday at 353.6 after i saw the break out fromt he ascending triangle during premarket trading..... The 60 min chart and daily both show breakouts from congestions... im looking for retracement back to longterm trend line if we can break resistance here at 370.... I will make my decision of what to do based on price action at the 370 level.... my stop loss is at 321
  2. daily chart
  3. fib retracement levels.... on all 3 charts im showing 370 as an area of major resistance
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  4. Wow , nice trading this morning.... were at major fib resistance levels...
  5. last fib retracement level 380.04... were 4 points above it.... Im now looking towards the 400 level as next resistance levels.
  6. I just sold AH.., 376.5.. I didnt recieve a sell signal... but i am a noob, first trade in a while..,the trade was good for 7% or so , and this is a momentum stock that has proved to been volatile latley..., ill stand on the sidelines now and learn