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    08:55 BIDU IPO prices above range; the Google of China? (27.00 )

    -Update- prices its IPO at $27, above the $23-25 estimated range, which had already been raised form $19-21. The co, which is called the "Google of China" by some, is the most used Chinese language Internet search provider. was the second largest website in China and the sixth largest website globally, as measured by user traffic during JulQ. Google (GOOG) owns 2.6% of the company. BIDU provides easy access to an index of over 740 mln web pages and offers a query-based online community, Baidu Post Bar, which currently consists of over 820,000 message boards. It auction-based pay-for-performance, or P4P, services allow customers to bid for priority placement. The co believes it is the first auction-based P4P service provider in China. The co is profitable and revenue last year was US$13.4 mln, up 187% yoy. Q1 revs were US$5.1 mln... Our Take: There is a lot of excitement about this deal as it's the largest search engine in a booming emerging economy. Also, its small size of 4.04 mln shares and the recent strong reports from fellow Chinese tech names (NTES, CTRP) is driving interest in the name. This is being led by CSFB and Goldman Sachs. Note: Telecom Communications (TCOM.OB) has seen a 49% advance since highlighted on Briefing Trader as a secondary play to the Baidu IPO.
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  3. 4 mill shares? 16mill traded? 145$??? 2:20PM ET
  4. sheesh, how long b/f put options get listed?