BIDU soooooo cheap now!

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  1. Sanaz3


    So is BIDU 7% up today because people think it's "on sale" now? IMO this is gonna be a pump-and dump.
  2. ....5/12/2010, BIDU @78.12, target $100......time, ~6 mo.

    ....wait for pull back

    ....go long a call option, strike just OTM (or just ITM if more conservative), time ~9 mo. (or longer if more conservative) a time or loss $ amount to get out if it doesnt move in right direction a time or profit $ amount to close if moves in right direction

    ....monitor market and position for changing conditions


  3. S2007S


    I'm sure people fell for the split and think its actually cheap, however the stock is totally overbought and just remember its a search engine. $780+ stock, this is just like 1999.
  4. dont u wish you bought a boatload yest?

    yes you do.

  5. sprstpd


    It's kind of like how Cramer says to be sure to buy before the dividend so you can get that "free" money!
  6. S2007S


    $27 billion dollar market cap for a search engine...

    Talk about over priced.
  7. bat1


    who else is there in China?

    Google is gone now

    BIDU is it!:cool:

    it will hit $100 by July
  8. joe4422


    You will be able to say the same about most Chinese companies in the near future. The country will allow foreign companies to come in and develop the country, teach the skills and know how, and then they'll fuck them up the ass and promote their own local home grown companies. GM China - will be tossed in the trash can once the Chinese get the car manufacturing down pat, BAC, GS in China, it's only a matter of time. Starbucks, Mcdonald's will soon to be thrown in the river and all will make way for Chinabucka, and Chinkdonald's.
  9. That's not how YOU value a company is it?
  10. Well....

    Yes, I believe BIDU is overbought and way too pricey.

    However, since the price has come way down due to the split, the stock is much more accessable to retail traders. So, it could possibly see some new upside from that.

    Stock splits do not change any of the fundamentals, but they can make some stocks more accessable to investors.

    Remember BRK.B???

    Bad example I know, BRK.B had a big pop after its split because it was added to the S&P and indexers bought in. However, it also had a boost from investors who could finally invest in Warren Buffet.

    Do what you will!!! BIDU is a waste IMO, better opportunities out there.....
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